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Amazing. So glad to add this into my professional facial services!

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Andrea C. (Davisburg, United States)
The leaf

The best purchase I ever made as an Esthetician! Love my leaf device.

Love it! This small device works great!

FACE VITAL Skin Scrubber
Praise O. (Lagos, Nigeria)
Received in perfect condition

Delivery was swift and the device is living up to my expectations.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Anastasia (Brooklyn, United States)
Amazing 😍

This device is worth every penny. I saw immediate result right after the first session

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Shannon D. (Austin, United States)
So far I’m loving it

So far I’m loving my new Leaf device for home use and in my treatment room. I was hesitant at first to purchase as I wasn’t sure I could find time in my treatments to incorporate the leaf into my facial time.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Lacole c. (Byron, United States)

Leaf Fusion Plasma

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Hannah D. (Bangor, United States)
Loving it!

So far this tool has shown some amazing and profound results! So glad I purchased it!

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Ashley F. (Blackfoot, United States)

All the hype about this device is 100% accurate. It is simply amazing.

This device is amazing and worth every penny. I’m so happy I bit the bullet and purchased it. I’ve already seen a difference in my own skin. I can’t wait to try it on others.

Love the device excellent device for my clients.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Isabel P. (Hollywood, United States)
Powerful device!

This hand held device is simple to use, yet very powerful. Some of my clients want to stay away from needling, so I use my Leaf instead. Mode 1 applied on dry skin open the channel. It almost feels like needling. Maybe de 2 penetrates the serum chosen to target your clients concern, and on mode 3, micro current, I use a gel conductor. I highly recommend to try it.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Jennifer W. (Portland, United States)

I purchase the Leaf device to use on my facial clients in my treatment room, but after I began to test it on myself at home, I didn’t want to part with it! Lol! Now I need to buy a second device for my Esthetics practice.

I love it. Would love a protocol.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
C. R. (Yucca Valley, United States)
Love it!

I been using The Leaf on my clients and the results are amazing.

FACE VITAL Skin Scrubber
Rose R. (New Milford, United States)
Game changer!

I love the different features and it makes extracting easier on me and my client. Thank you!

FACE VITAL Skin Scrubber
Beverly E. (Sparks, United States)

I am loving the skin scrubber. Easy to use and looks so pretty sitting on my shelf when not in use.



This is an amazing tool for the skincare line I have chosen to use for my clients . Amazing results !!

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Mary M. (Phoenix, United States)
Exceeds expectations!

This little device totally exceeded my expectations! I was hesitant to buy but after tons of positive feedback from other estheticians, I decided to purchase and man, am I glad I did! Now I want another one to use at home. Get it! You will not be disappointed!

Love it so far

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Neesha A. (Portland, United States)

So far loving the Leaf! Super easy to use.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Tanya (Wesley Chapel, United States)
Not Worth the money

The packaging and presentation of the item are of good quality. The item itself did nothing to help after using it daily. I am an esthetician. I care for my skin and have worked with several devices. It sounds good, but the price is too much for this item. If I could return it, I would. Sorry, I wanted it to be excellent. It just isn't. I am questioning the reviews.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
David Z. (St Louis, United States)

It helped with my nasolabial folds.

Leaf Fusion Plasma
Marisol (New Port Richey, United States)
Love My Leaf

This little gadget is amazing! I use this on myself and my clients and it is a game changer on facials. Love it and one of my favorite tools.