Leaf Fusion Plasma
Leaf Fusion Plasma
Leaf Fusion Plasma
Leaf Fusion Plasma
Leaf Fusion Plasma
Leaf Fusion Plasma
Leaf Fusion Plasma
Leaf Fusion Plasma

Leaf Fusion Plasma

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Advanced Beauty Technology

The Leaf Fusion Plasma skin care device features 6 main skin care functions and technologies in one single device. Use it in the comfort of your own home.

This unique, patented and state-of-the-art skin care solution is based on the following three operating modes (each individual mode with three intensity levels):

  • Fusion Plasma Mode
  • Smart Boosting Mode
  • Micro-current Mode
In addition the following three technologies are also incorporated into the device:
  • Vibration
  • Probe Warming
  • Photo Facial

Guaranteed 100% genuine Leaf Fusion Plasma device manufactured in South Korea by GCS Bio. We are proud to be GCS's official partner in the US since 2019. Validate list of accredited partners here.

Fusion Plasma Mode

● Securing stratum corneum passage
● Wrinkle improvement
● Rough skin texture improvement

Smart Boosting Mode

● Accelerate skin care product application
● World’s first, 3rd generation electroporation technology

Micro-current Mode

● Lifting
● Promoting cell regeneration
Leaf Fusion Plasma Overview
In addition the following three technologies are also incorporated into the device:


● Skin muscle relaxation
● Blood flow promotion

Probe Warming

● Reserve collagen
● Promote blood flow and metabolism

Photo Facial

● LED simultaneous operation
● Promoting blood flow and anti-aging


Smart Update/Calibrate Function via Mobile Phone

Select the best course according to the type of skin care product by mobile phone screen communication.
By updating the information with your specific skin care product and skin type, you can customize it and increase the absorption rate

Diagram How to Calibrate Leaf Smart Boost with Mobile Phone App

Skin Sensing Function

The LED flashes and vibrates only when contact is made with the skin. If the skin is too dry, the device may not work properly. Please apply enough skin care product. When proper skin condition is sensed, the LED will flicker & vibration starts.

LEAF Vibrating 2D Animation

Unique patented skin care solution in three steps:

Exfoliate and promote absorption of skin care products through fusion plasma and electroporation. Face lifting through micro-current massage.

1. Formation of the stratum corneum through Fusion plasma

Fusion plasma energy creates a microscopic pathway in the stratum corneum layer of the skin. Since the passageways are formed at a microscopic depth, a primary passage is secured to absorb the active ingredients of the cosmetic without damaging the skin.

Diagram - Skin Layer Penetration with LEAF
It also stimulates the external stimulation of the skin by heat of the fusion plasma, induces skin regeneration and promotes skin lifting.
2. Securing passage by 3rd generation electroporation and inputting active ingredient
Using 3rd generation electroporation, it maintains the passage formed in the first step and secures additional passage to promote absorption of active ingredient in cosmetics. The third-generation electroporation primarily increases the permeability of the field strength and cell membrane, and secondarily moves the active ingredients of the cosmetic product down the stratum corneum to promote absorption. Diagram - Skin Layers - LEAF microcurrent penetration
3. Lifting using micro-current
It is a step that stimulates lifting by helping to regenerate ingredients related to skin elasticity by applying lower electric stimulus than the previous methods. Collagen and elastin-related ingredients, such as elasticity, age begins to slow down the recovery. At this time, the energy of the micro-current delivered to the skin through electrical stimulation stimulates the ingredients to help regenerate and promote skin lifting. 
Diagram - LEAF Fusion Plasma stratum corneum passage
Model Name GFP-2000
Level Control
3 levels
Control button
Fusion Plasma, Smart Boosting, Micro Current
Built-in lithium polymer 3.7V 500mAh, rechargeable
Power Consumption
1W max
Usage time
If fully charged up to 10 days when using 10 minutes per day
Charging type
Standard micro USB (Connect with computer USB port or mobile phone charger)

1.65 (W) x 7.48 (H) x 1.57 (D) inches = 42(W) x 190(H) x 40(D) mm

Weight (main body)
4.23 oz = 120 grams
FDA Registered, CE Certified

English Manual --> Open PDF file 

• Leaf Fusion Plasma device
• Charging cradle
• Micro USB charging cable
• Manual and warranty card

In an exclusive gift box, dimensions:
9 x 6.2 x 3 inches

1. Fusion Plasma Step

Fusion plasma step to secure stratum corneum passage:
❶ Facial wash with cleansing cream or foam.
❷ With nothing applied wait until the water dries slightly.
❸ After turning on the power[ ], it begins from 1st intensity.
To select Fusion Plasma mode in other modes, press shortly to change to Fusion Plasma mode.
❹ As the probe hardly touches the surface of the skin, lightly massage the entire face as if brushing.

Please note: If there is water on your face, plasma does not form properly. Please dry thoroughly before proceeding with Fusion plasma step.


2. Smart Boosting Step

Promoting cosmetic application by skin boosting by Electroporation:

❶ Apply proper amount of cosmetics evenly over the face.
❷ Press smart boosting mode button. It begins from 1st intensity.
❸ Put the probe in close contact with the face and evenly boost whole face as if massaging for about 5 mins. The upper part of the head makes it easier to care for narrow areas.
❹ You can adjust the use time according to the degree of absorption of cosmetics.
❺ Depending on the amount of oil and moisture in your skin, it may stop working. Apply sufficient amount of cosmetics and make the optimal condition for absorbing cosmetics.
❻ When using on the neck, please be careful not to directly affect the uvula.

3. Micro-current lifting step

Lifting by micro-current:
❶ Facial wash with cleansing cream or foam.
❷ Apply proper amount of cosmetics for lifting and anti-aging evenly over the face.
❸ Press shortly the lifting mode button. It begins from 1st intensity.
❹ Apply the head of the device to the surface of the face for 5 minutes and slowly massage it while lifting it along the direction of the arrow as in the picture.
❺ You can adjust the use time according to the degree of absorption of cosmetics.
  • Can Leaf Fusion Plasma device be used by all skin types?

Leaf can certainly be used safely on most skin types, including sensitive skin as it works with all actives including soothing or anti-inflammatory ingredients. However, if you suffer from rosacea or tend to over-exfoliate, you should proceed with caution and it should not be used on irritated skin or if you suffer from a skin disease.


  • Are there any other reasons why someone should not use Leaf for skin care at home?

You should not use Leaf if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or immediately after a treatment or operation. There are also a few medical conditions and situations in which Leaf should not be used. To be on the safe side, we always recommend that you contact your medical practitioner if you have any doubts or if you suffer from any medical condition.


  • Can Leaf be used with any skincare products? Or just water-based skincare products, and not oil-based?

There are no such limitations – you can use Leaf with any type of skincare products.


  • To achieve maximum results, how often should Leaf facial device be used?

For skin care at home, we recommend using Leaf once a day together with skincare products that are suitable for your skin type.


  • How long is each treatment per mode?

Each mode takes 5 minutes so the three modes (Plasma, Electroporation and Micro-current) take 15 minutes, all in all.


  • If I use Leaf just three times a week rather than every day, will I still see results?

Yes, you should still see results but the degree of improvements you will see vary from person to person. And as always, regardless of how often you use the device, it is important to use it as prescribed for best results.


  • Can I use Leaf twice a day; or will I not see any additional benefits by doing that?

Yes, there are no problems using Leaf twice a day and if you do, you will see improved results.And to make the most of doing two treatments per day, we recommend that you use different skincare products for each treatment. Using one kind of cosmetics for the first treatment and a different kind of cosmetics for the second treatment the same day will improve the results even further.


  • What is Plasma?

Plasma is often called “the fourth state of matter,” along with solid, liquid and gas. Just as a liquid will boil, changing into a gas when energy is added, heating a gas will form a plasma – a soup of positively charged particles (ions) and negatively charged particles (electrons).

Please also check out this scientific article on the Leaf Fusion Plasma device


  • Can I apply serums used with microneedling or mesotherapy devices also with the Leaf Fusion Plasma?

Since the Leaf Fusion Plasma device establishes microchannels in the skin similar to microneedling or mesotherapy, but without their negative side effects (i.e. damaging the skin tissue) all of these serums/lotions/cremes can also be used with the Leaf device.


  • How strong is the micro-current mode?

When switched to micro-current mode, the Leaf device has three different intensity levels. These are the values for each level:

Level 1: appr. 248 Microampere (µA)

Level 2: appr. 360 Microampere (µA)

Level 3: appr. 510 Microampere (µA)


  • How do I calibrate the Leaf device for a specific skin type (smart update feature)?

Follow the instructions under this link.


  • Was there any animal testing involved for the development of the Leaf device?

Based on the information provided by GCS (who holds the patent for the Leaf device and has developed and produces the Leaf device) there was NO animal testing involved.


  • What is the warranty time?

The warranty time for the Leaf Fusion Plasma device is 12 months. Please note, we at Face Vital, will always help and support you in case you experience any issues with any of our sold products, including the Leaf Fusion Plasma. Send us the faulty device and we will replace it during the warranty time. For proper usage and initial troubleshooting please kindly review also the user's manual. Please contact Face Vital for further assistance. If the problem cannot be resolved, we will provide you with a paid shipping label, so you can return the malfunctioning device free of charge. Once we receive the defective device we will immediately send you a new replacement device. For all further steps we will directly engage with the manufacturer of the device.

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Amazing 😍

This device is worth every penny. I saw immediate result right after the first session

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So far I’m loving my new Leaf device for home use and in my treatment room. I was hesitant at first to purchase as I wasn’t sure I could find time in my treatments to incorporate the leaf into my facial time.

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Leaf Fusion Plasma