Beauty Tech Products For a More Beautiful You!

At FACE VITAL ® we want our customers to look in the mirror and like what they see. We achieve this by providing state-of-the-art beauty and wellness gadgets, devices and accessories. These self-care tools help users correct unwanted skin conditions, and tone muscles in the face and body. The tools are non-surgical, non-invasive and completely free of aggressive chemicals. They feature safe, cutting-edge technologies (LED, Micro-current, Ultrasound and EMS) that tap into, stimulate, and mobilize the body’s own natural healing processes. Face Vital advocates a natural, healthy and active lifestyle and has carefully chosen suppliers who guarantee high-quality, and safe at-home use.  They offer lifetime warranties on our products. By making spa and beauty treatments accessible, Face Vital helps customers build a more positive self-image starting in the comfort of their own homes.


Say Goodbye to Botox for Anti-aging and Skin Rejuvenation

The healing benefits of LED light therapy (not to be confused with laser) have been scientifically proven – even by NASA. Cells in the dermis layer of the skin convert specific wavelengths of light into the fuel they need to produce collagen and elastin. These powerful compounds – produced naturally in the body, push out fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin and restore elasticity.  Consistent LED treatment not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it evens out skin tone, reduces enlarged pores, and helps the face regain a fresh, natural glow. While other devices offer a limited number of shades, several of our devices incorporate 4 shades of light on the LED spectrum: red, green, blue and white. With this wider color spectrum, users can treat a broader range of skin problems including acne (blue) and dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation (green). Soothing white light helps maintain the positive results.


Micro-Current for Healthy Skin – Effective and Pain-Free

During a Micro-Current facial, low level electrical currents are emitted by specialized devices. Non-allergenic gel is applied and no pain is felt as the devices glide over the surface of the skin. The gentle current stimulates and enhances the body’s production of amino acids and other key substances that accelerate repair and renewal in skin cells. The current also aids absorption - helps creams sink deeper and more smoothly into the skin’s layers for maximum results. The overall condition of the skin improves noticeably as wrinkles, swelling and skin irritations like pimples are reduced, and dark/sun spots fade. The skin becomes, softer, firmer and healthier! Our products bring this safe, remarkable technology out of the spa and into the home of the user.

Fresh, Beautiful Skin and Fun Begin at Home

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize – parts of a good daily skin care routine. However, when “cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize” becomes too “routine”, it gets boring! We stop taking care of our skin and then get discouraged with our lack of progress. Our devices feature many options for spicing up the return for better results! Steam, coffee, vanilla, heat, cold and ultrasonic technology (soundwaves) featured in our products for cleansing and infusing. Low-pulsating sonic waves open pores, gently scrape away dead skin cells and remove dirt and impurities. Clean skin is stimulated so that the user’s favorite toners and moisturizers can be better absorbed. Hot and cold options featured in some of our devices are specifically designed to treat the top layers of skin where damage is often most visible. Using these devices is like having a magic wand to refresh and beautify the face!

Improve Muscle Tone Outside the Gym

Those who do not visit gyms or fitness clubs can work and shape their muscles at home with our EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) devices. We offer wearable workout gear that stimulates and contracts muscles using safe, low level electric currents whose intensity can be easily adjusted. The gear is designed for a complete 23-minute gentle, painless workout to tone and strengthen muscles throughout the body (particularly the tummy, thigh and arm muscles).


We offer versatile solutions to warm, cool, relax and soothe stiff, tired muscles. Warmers for the back, neck and shoulders melt the stress from long days in front of the computer. There are other portable options in the line-up for users on-the-go (traveling). Back at home, our massage devices are the next best thing to a personal masseuse. Lightweight, cordless and offering variable speed control allowing users to dial into the perfect intensity.  A good selection is available for different firmness and styles of massage. Control muscle spasms, stubborn knots, tightness and cramping legs.

Self-care tools for a more beautiful you.