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PREMIUM PLAMERE is an esthetic multi-plasma device made by developing medical plasma, which was a hospital technology, for esthetic purposes. It can treat fibroblasts, wrinkles on the face and body, and skin sagging problems such as lifting, pore care, cosmetics absorption, and acne treatment.

In addition, it is easy to use and charge with a plasma pen type, and it is equipped with a pulse control that regulates current, allowing only the desired skin to be treated without damage to internal skin tissue and thin tissue, enabling smooth but effective treatment with PREMIUM PLAMERE.

  • Handy plasma treatment device
  • Offers 4 different treatment methods
  • For skin care and tightening
  • Also suitable for treating acne
  • Easy handling and operation; battery operated

Guaranteed 100% genuine PREMIUM PLAMERE multi-plasma device manufactured in South Korea by GCS Bio. We are proud to be GCS's official partner in the US since 2019. Validate list of accredited partners here.

Full 1 year manufacturer warranty included with your purchase.

Treatment 1: Reduce acne with the acne attachment
Acne is an unsightly and stressful affair. Closed and often open comedones form on the surface of the skin and gnaw away at your well-being and self-confidence. In most cases, these blackheads become inflamed and aggravate the situation in a painful way. You can provide relief with this multifunctional beauty device!
In this treatment method, the device generates cold plasma that eliminates germs that inhibit healing. It activates and promotes natural wound healing, while the anti-inflammatory effects of the plasma provide additional relief.
Microcirculation and collagen synthesis are also increased at the treated areas, improving skin texture and supporting healing.

Attach the acne attachment to the device. Peel one of the included yellow acne sheets from the plastic film and press the adhesive side onto the tip of the attachment. Fix the foil in place using the acne attachment cap. Make sure that you slide the cap completely over the attachment.
Slide the mode knob to "C" (Continuous) to turn on continuous mode and set the intensity to 7-9.
Touch the attachment to the area to be treated and press the small blue button to release the plasma energy.

It is also possible to stick acne patches on the area to be treated to perform the application. Be careful to only touch the patch with the attachment and not the free skin, so as not to harm the skin. Refer to the enclosed manual for more detailed information.

Treatment 2: Skin tightening with the lifting attachment
The plasma lifting method provides a daily, uncomplicated treatment with no downtime that can be performed after your usual skin care routine. Plasma energy is directed into the skin tissue where it stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. The stimulated production causes the skin to gain elasticity and the skin texture is tightened. In addition, the absorption of active ingredients is improved.

Attach the small, round lifting attachment to the device. Cleanse the skin and use aids such as ultrasound gel or lifting cream only when necessary. Adjust the energy intensity to the condition of the skin and press the blue shot button to start the treatment. Move the attachment like a brush stroking the skin, tap it repeatedly on the desired areas or massage the wrinkles by stroking the attachment over the wrinkle lines.

Treatment 3: Improved absorption of active ingredients with two special attachments
This treatment option requires two attachments and consists of three steps with a treatment time of 5 minutes each. This treatment greatly increases the skin's ability to absorb active ingredients in the short term and intensifies the nourishing effect of creams, serums and the like.

Step 1: Attach the fraction attachment to the device and cleanse the skin of the treatment area. Make sure that the skin has been thoroughly dried. Set the continuous mode and the energy intensity to 3-5. Now move the attachment over the skin with tapping movements. The pointed points of the attachment direct concentrated plasma beams into the skin. These beams open tiny channels in the tissue that promote the absorption of active ingredients from skin care products.

Step 2: Remove the wide fraction attachment and apply the smooth meso attachment instead. Increase the intensity to 5-7. Before proceeding to the next treatment step, apply desired skin care products to the skin. Now use the meso attachment to massage the products in with circular motions. The plasma energy temporarily opens small passages in the cell membrane, which causes the active ingredients to penetrate to the dermis. The effect is enhanced by the previously opened channels of the previous treatment step.

Step 3: Now switch back to the fractional attachment, set the energy to 3-5 again. Move the energy mode control to "P" (pulse) to select pulse mode. Use very gentle, patting motions to help trap the residue of the skin care products into the skin and lightly lift the skin with the help of the plasma pulses.

Treatment 4: Plasma ARC with the plasma needle
Plasma ARC is a non-invasive, highly effective lifting and skin tightening method also known as "fibroblasting". It involves ionizing gases from atmospheric air to create an electrical plasma micro-discharge - or ARC. This discharge provides very precise ablation of tissue by vaporization and activates the skin's self-healing process. Heat is dissipated in the underlying tissue layer, causing fibroblasts to be directed to that area. Fibroblasts produce collagen and elastin fibers and for this reason they are essential for skin firmness and density. A slight tightening of the skin is noticeable just a few days after the treatment.
Over the next 12 weeks, the newly produced collagen continues to develop and increasingly smoothes the skin's surface. The result is a long-lasting, considerably tightened skin appearance!

The device comes with everything you need for the treatments. In addition to the respective attachments, it also includes 8 acne sheets and a regenerating care cream that strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

Don't miss out on this multifunctional, handy device and see for yourself the amazing results it will deliver. And discover our current offers in the SHR online store directly, it's always worth it!


Patented plasma acne care

● With the sterilization function of the plasma, the alleviation of trouble areas and soothing effect
● By sterilizing the various viral and acne microbes in the trouble areas, it helps with wound recovery and scar alleviation.
● Through the recomposition of skin tissues, complementation and reconstruction of the skin frame, it helps improve skin health.

Plasma Ring
Plasma acne tips, acne tip film only, and last tip cover are included By suppressing the generation of excessive ozone and ultraviolet rays, it supplies the right amount of radicals and ultraviolet rays necessary for acne treatment. When it comes in contact with the skin, a ring-shaped plasma is generated at the tip of the tip where the film is attached, emitting radical negative ions, UV and heat optimal for acne treatment.

Stimulation for the deeper absorption of active ingredients with fractional and permeating

Unlike existing beauty devices which induces absorption through skin pores or sweat pores, the active ingredients are induced to be absorbed by the dermis, leading to absorption by the entire skin area.
Model Name GPM - 2000
Main functions
heat treatment, sterilization and lifting effects made by inducing plasma in tissue
Output frequency
Output mode

continuous, pulse

external lithium-polymer batter pack 3.7V, 500mAh
Output power maximum 6W
Treatment tip
acne tip, lifting tip, permeating tip, fractional tip
Output level
1 ~ 9 levels (analogue wheel style)
Pulse mode frequency 500Hz
Use time After complete charging, maximum 2 hrs.

170 x 40 x 23 mm

FDA Registered, CE Certified

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